Official Images: Kamen Rider Barlckxs, Zonjis, & Zamonas Ride Watch Set

Premium Bandai has updated with an official pre-order page for the Kamen Rider Barlckxs, Zonjis, & Zamonas Ride Watch Set. For those who are unaware, these Ride Watches are used by the main three villains from Kamen Rider Zi-O the Movie: Over Quartzer. Each of the three villain Riders represent the various Rider series that aired during the Showa Era (sans Kamen Rider Zamonas). However, fans refer to the series these Riders represent as the “Forgotten Heisei Riders.” Now, Kamen Rider BarIckxs represents Kamen Rider RX. Whereas, Kamen Rider Zonjis represents Kamen Rider Shin, Jo, and J. Finally, Kamen Rider Zamonas represents Kamen Rider Amazons, which for those do not know, is a re-imagined series based on Kamen Rider Amazon. As standard, the Ride Watches will be able to function with the DX Ziku Driver.

Pre-orders for the set are currently open and will close on August 19 at 11 PM JST. The set will be released this December priced at 4,950 Yen. Those who are interested should contact their preferred middleman for more details.

Source: Premium Bandai

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