[Official Images] Kamen Rider Zero-One DX Ark Driver

Premium Bandai has recently opened an official pre-order page for the Kamen Rider Zero-One DX Ark Driver. For those who are not aware, the Ark Driver is the main driver used by Kamen Rider Ark as seen in Kamen Rider Zero-One. Kamen Rider Ark-Zero made its’ first appearance as a cameo in the Kamen Rider Zero-One: President Special. However, the Rider later made its’ first debut in episode 35.5 of the series. Now, by using the Ark One Progress Key, the driver is able to become the Ark One Driver. 

Pre-orders will open on August 9 and will close on August 31. Orders for the item will be released this December, and it is priced at 8,250 yen. For those interested in purchasing this item, they should contact their preferred middleman service for more details.

Source: Premium Bandai

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