[Official Images] Kamen Rider Ex-Aid DX Mighty Novel & Bang Bang Tank Gashat Set

Premium Bandai has updated with an order page for the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid DX Mighty Novel & Bang Bang Tank Gashat Set. Now, for those unaware these items are based on supplementary works and productions associated with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. The first item, DX Mighty Novel Gashat is based on the Gashat featured in the novel, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: ~Mighty Novel X~. Whereas, the Bang Bang Tank Gashat was briefly used by Taiga in the Kamen Rider Snipe Episode Zero. However, the Gashat was only used within his Gashacon Magnum, so there was never an on-screen suit based on the Gashat. Yet, concept art of the form has been presented for the release of this product.

The set includes:

  • DX Mighty Novel Gashat
  • DX Big Bang Tank

Pre-orders for the set will open later tonight, and orders for the set are scheduled to close on May 31. The set will be released this October, and it is priced at 3,520 yen. So, for those who want to secure a pre-order early, they should contact their preferred middleman service immediately. Whereas, for North American fans who are willing to wait, they should expect details from Team Rider in the near future.

Source: Premium Bandai

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