Official Images: Kamen Rider Kiva Complete Selection Modification Tatsulot

Premium Bandai recently announced that the next Kamen Rider Complete Selection Modification release is Kamen Rider Kiva’s Kivat Belt. However, Bandai had a follow up announcement regarding that they will also release a Complete Selection Modification Tatsulot. Now in the series, Tatsulot is a companion piece that becomes the transformation device for Kamen Rider Kiva/ Wataru Kurenai to achieve his Emperor Form. Whereas, the Complete Selection Modification version is a collectors’ edition based on the original toy, which features a heft upscale in size and details. The CSM Tatsulot release will include newly recorded audio by the original voice actor, Akira Ishida. In addition, the CSM Tatsulot will allow people to activate forms like basic Emperor Form, Flight Style, and DoGaBaKi Emperor Form as seen in the Hyper Battle DVD. it will feature a “voice recognition system,” which can be used in conjunction of phrases and can communicate with Kivat III via “wireless mode.” Below is the official gallery from Bandai:

The CSM Tatsulot will include:

  • Tatsulot
  • Wrist Brace & Strap Set
  • Replacement Kivat Eye Parts (Emperor Version)
  • Tatsulot Fuestle
  • Wake-Up Fuestle (Zambat Version)


Pre-orders for the Complete Selection Modification Tatsulot open today, and it is priced for 13,750 yen. The order for this item are scheduled to release in April 2020 following the CSM Kivat Belt in March. Those who are interested in purchasing the item should contact their preferred middleman service, as soon as possible for more details.


Source: Premium Bandai

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