[Official Images] Kamen Rider Zero-One DX Zaia Slashriser

Premium Bandai has recently opened their order page for the Kamen Rider Zero-One DX Zaia Slashriser. The toy deluxe toy is based on the new transformation device and weapon seen in the series. Currently, in the show, the Zaia Slashriser is used by the Humagear Jin, to obtain his upgraded Rider Form. By using the Burning Falcon Progrise Key with Zaia Slashriser, Jin transforms into Kamen Rider Jin Burning Falcon. Now, the DX release will feature the aforementioned items, as well as the necessary belt straps. In addition, the toy will work with other releases within the Kamen Rider Zero-One toyline. Nevertheless, below is the official gallery from Premium Bandai:

Pre-orders for the DX Zaia Slashriser are currently open on Premium Bandai, and will remain open until March 31. Orders for this item are priced at 6050 yen, and they are scheduled to ship in June. For those interesting in purchasing this item, they should contact their preferred middleman service now.


Source: Premium Bandai

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