Official Images: Masterpiece MP-41 Dinobot

Today, Amazon Japan listed an order page for the upcoming Transformers Masterpiece, MP-41 Dinobot. This infamously known character from Beast Wars series is the third one to be added to the line. In addition, Masterpiece Dinobot has been revealed to be the most expensive Masterpiece to be released, as its priced at 30,240 yen; with the current conversion rate to the United States Dollar, Masterpiece Dinobot is roughly $260.


However, the accuracy to the show model, and its accessory count makes up for the item’s high price! Masterpiece MP-41 Dinobot will feature three optional robot-mode faces, and an eye beam effect. In addition, Dinobot comes with its removable tail and saber. The saber is shown to be collapsible to be stored properly within the tail. Furthermore, it will include a Golden Disc from the series. Also, the release will feature a special display stage with attachments, so that it can support the figure in either mode. The gallery below also shows that Masterpiece Dinobot maybe the tallest Masterpiece to be made currently:

Pre-orders for the items are already opening in Japan, with international distributors following in-suit. There is no information yet as to when, or if Hasbro will officially distribute Masterpiece Dinobot to North America. Currently the only option is to go through Takara Tomy. Transformers Masterpiece MP-41 Dinobot is set to release in July 2018!


Source: TFW2005 

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