[Official Images] S.H.Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Ultraman Tiga Multi-Type

Tamashii Nations is ‘taking us higher’ with the newest addition to the S.H.Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou line, Ultraman Tiga! The titular Ultra from the 1996 series, who is also celebrating his 25th anniversary will be the first Ultraman in this figure series. As a Shinkocchou Seihou, S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Tiga features the highest level of design, engineering and detail. For its production, Tamashii Nations did not just scan the original suit, but also involved Tiga’s suit actor, Shunsuke Gondo. So, Tamashii Nations is essentially putting the GUTS into this Ultraman Tiga figure. Below is the official gallery and accessory list provided by Bandai:

The figure will contain:

  • Five Optional Right Hands
  • Six Optional Left Hands
  • Red Color Timer
  • Zeperion Ray Effect
  • [First-run Campaign] Production Booklet


Also, to promote the figure Tamashii Nations produced a behind-the-scenes making of video. This video features members of the design team, Shunsuke Gondo, and V6’s Hiroshi Nagano. However, Mr. Nagano is better known to Ultra Series fans as the series protagonist Daigo Madoka (Ultraman Tiga).

Now, S.H.Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Ultraman Tiga Multi-Type is a retail release scheduled for July 2021. Pre-orders for the figure will open at retailers on Monday, March 8. The item’s retail price is 6600 yen, but will vary between stores. In addition, we are unaware if this figure will be officially distributed in North America through Bluefin Brands. However, we will provide updates if an official distribution is announced via Bluefin Brands, so please stay tuned.


As mentioned early, Ultraman Tiga is celebrating the series 25th anniversary this year. The series original aired from September 7, 1996 to August 30, 1997, and spanned 52 episodes. In addition, the series had a feature length film, direct-to-video special, and sequel in Ultraman Dyna. Also, the character of Ultraman Tiga would star in various crossover films with other Ultra Series heroes. Furthermore, the series aired in North America for a limited time on 4Kids Entertainment’s FoxBox programming block. Unfortunately, the series received poor ratings due to the company opting to satirize the dub. Yet, 4Kids Entertainment would partner with Funimation Entertainment release the entire series uncut on home video in DVD format. This home video release from 2003 would precede Chaiyo’s unofficial attempts to release Ultra Series in America by three years. However, thanks to our friends at Mill Creek Entertainment every series is officially being distributed on home video in North America. Yet, the Blu-ray set for Ultraman Tiga the Complete Series has no release date planned currently.


Source: Premium Bandai

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