[Official Images] S.H.Figuarts Spider-Man & Soul of Chogokin Leopardon (Toei 1978)

Fans of Toei’s Spider-Man series have long awaited for today’s news! As today, Tamashii Nations has solicited a pair of items based on the series; a S.H.Figuarts of the titular hero and a renewal Soul of Chogokin of the mighty Leopardon.


Toei’s interpretation of Spider-Man is classic and legendary among tokusatsu and comic book fans. Whereas, the toy collectors of these fandoms have been asking for years to have any company make Toei’s Spider-Man as an articulated action figure. Bandai’s Tamashii Nations has now taken the title of being the first to produce such a figure.


S.H.Figuarts Spider-Man (Spider-Man Toei TV Series) Release Date: August 2020 Price: 6500 yen (tax excluded)


  • Body
  • Replacement Head x2
  • Replacement Left Hand x5
  • Replacement Right Hand x6
  • Replacement Foot Parts
  • Spider Strings (Small)
  • Spider Strings
  • Spider Net Set


Back in 2006, Bandai released GX-33 in their Soul of Chogokin line-up. This release was Leopardon and Spider-Man. The set included the Marveller/ Leopardon and a large vinyl of Spider-Man. Today’s new reveal follows in the footsteps of GX-59R: Mirai Robo Daltanious in taking an older SOC release and upgrading it for its new reissue. GX-33R features the same contents as the original release but has swapped the vinyl Spider-Man for a 1:1 scale wearable Spider Bracelet with music and voices from the series.


Soul of Chogokin GX-33R Leopardon & Marveller Summoning Set Release Date: September 2020 Price: 20000 yen (tax excluded)


  • Body
  • Arms (Transforming)
  • Arms (Posable)
  • Replacement Hand Left x2
  • Replacement Hand Right x2
  • Sword Vigor
  • Spider Protector
  • Spider-Man
  • Spider Machine GP-7 (Small)
  • Spider Machine GP-7
  • Stand
  • Spider Bracelet


Pre-orders for both items will open on March 23, 2020 JST at Japanese retailers. However, there has been no word yet if Bluefin Brands will be able to bring over either release, as licensing restrictions could prevent them from distributing the items in North America.

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