[Official Images] Super Mini-Pla Spider-Man (Toei 1978) Leopardon

Recently, Bandai made an explosive announcement in regards to release new merchandise for Toei’s adaptation of Marvel’s iconic hero, Spider-Man. Among the Spider-Man products announced to be released by Bandai in Fall 2020 is the Super Mini-Pla Leopardon! In the series, motorcyclist Takuya Yamashiro given the powers to become Spider-Man by an alien to combat the Cross Army. In addition, Takuya is giving the alien warship known as the Marveller, which transforms into the giant robot, Leopardon; the mecha itself became a valuable resource in Takuya’s arsenal. Whereas in reality, it was the first transforming robot in Toei tokusatsu, which would inspire the tradition of giant robots in the Super Sentai series. However, international fans recognize Super Sentai for its American adaptation as the Power Rangers.


Now, the Super Mini-Pla Leopardon will consist of the Spider Machine GP-7 sports car and the Marveller. The Marveller will be able to store the Spider Machine GP-7 in it, as well as transform. In addition, its accessories will include the Sword Vigor and Spider Protector, as well as effect parts for its Arm Rocket, and Arc Turn attacks. Furthermore, the set will come with a display stage for the Marveller, and it can store the accessories. Below is the official gallery from Bandai:

Thankfully, Super Mini-Pla Leopardon is a retail release scheduled for August 2020. Pre-orders for this item will open soon at most online retailers, and it is priced at 4950 yen. So, fans of Toei’s Spider-Man should now get ready to acquire their pre-orders for this item!


Source: Bandai Candy 

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