[Official Images] Shokugan Modeling Project GaoHunter & GaoKnight

Today, Bandai announced that they are doubling up with two new Super Sentai related Shokugan Modeling Project releases. Continuing with Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger, Bandai will be adding Gao Silver’s GaoHunter and the movie combination, GaoKnight to the SMP line. Surprisingly, one of the intended releases is a retail product, and the other item is a Premium Bandai exclusive. The retail release is GaoSilver’s signature mecha GaoHunter, otherwise known as Power Rangers Wild Force’s Predazord. Whereas, the movie combination, GaoKnight, as seen in The Fire Mountain Roars, is exclusive due to retooling and reissued parts. Also, for those unaware, the black GaoElephant included with the SMP GaoKnight is based on the original DX Toys”R”Us release. So, fans are assuming that the original blue version of GaoElephant will be included in a future SMP release. Nevertheless, below are the galleries for both sets as provided by Bandai:


SMP [Shokugan Modeling Project] GaoHunter

SMP [Shokugan Modeling Project] GaoKnight

Now, both SMP GaoHunter and SMP GaoKnight are scheduled to release in January 2022. Pre-orders for SMP GaoKnight are currently open at Premium Bandai with orders priced at 7700 yen. Whereas, orders for SMP GaoHunter will begin to open at retailers within the next few days and it is priced at 5610 yen. So, for those interested in purchasing these items, they should contact their preferred middleman services for more details.


Source: Bandai Candy, Premium Bandai

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