[Official Images] Shokugan Modeling Project Genesis of Aquarion & Optional Parts Set

Recently, Bandai Candy announced that titular mecha from Genesis of Aquarion would be receiving a Shokugan Modeling Project release. In addition, Bandai Candy informed customers that there would be an Optional Parts Set for it, sold through Premium Bandai. Furthermore, Bandai Candy stated that both items will be released alongside each other this September.


Now, for those unaware, Genesis of Aquarion was created by legendary producer and mecha designer, Shōji Kawamori. The series would air from April 4 to September 26 in 2005, for a total of 26 episodes. However, it would receive an OVA retelling, as well as two sequels in Aquarion Evol (2012) and Aquarion Logos (2015). Whereas, the original series was  about humanity using Aquarion to combat the Shadow Angels, a technologically advanced species. Yet, the series itself gets more complex with its themes, than being just an average super robot series.


SMP Genesis of Aquarion – 9900 yen

The titular mecha of the series is overly interesting as it has similar concept to Getter Robo. Now, what that means is that three vehicles form a robot, but if configured differently it changes the robot’s form. Then as for Aquarion, it consists of the three legendary vectors: Vector Sol (red), Vector Mars (blue), and Vector Luna (green). Whereas, its three forms are referred to as Solar Aquarion, Aquarion Mars, and Aquarion Luna, which indicates the main unit. Solar Aquarion is the physical fighting formation, while Aquarion Mars and Aquarion Luna normally use weapons. However, Aquarion Mars is a swordsman style formation and Aquarion Luna is a long-range unit specializing in archery. Yet, the SMP Genesis of Aquarion will unfortunately not contain those accessory due to packaging constraints.

SMP Genesis of Aquarion Infinity Punch & Optional Parts Set – 5940 yen

Thankfully, to resolve the issue of an accessory-less SMP Genesis of Aquarion, Bandai decide to release an optional parts set. Surprisingly, Bandai has attempted to release every accessory in this set that fans of the series would want. Now, this set includes an extensive collection of parts to make and display Solar Aquarion’s Infinity Punch. Also, the set features the opened Solar Wings for Solar Aquarion, and parts to form Aquarion Luna’s Lunatic Archery bow. Furthermore, the set will include all the swords used by both Solar Aquarion and Aquarion Mars.

Pre-orders for both releases are currently available through online retailers, and at Premium Bandai. As mentioned earlier, both products are scheduled to release in September 2022. For those interested in purchasing these items, they should contact their preferred distribution service immediately. Especially for fans who are interested in owning the SMP Infinity Punch & Optional Parts set since that requires a middleman proxy.

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