Official Images: Super Mini-Pla SSSS.Gridman

Last night, Bandai revealed the newest additions to the Super Mini-Pla line which come from the anime series, SSSS.Gridman based on the Tsuburaya Productions’ hero/ series, Denkou Choujin Gridman. The first set to be announced is the basic Super Mini-Pla SSSS.Gridman set; whereas, the second set announced will get its own follow up article shortly. Now, this Super Mini-Pla set will include Gridman and his assist weapons which can combine together to form Gridman’s various forms seen in the series.

For those unaware, the assist weapons consist the Neon Genesis Junior High Students who transform into the vehicles; the members consist of Calibur (Gridman Calibur), Max (Battle Tracto Max), Borr (Buster Borr), and Vitt (Sky Vitt). Together, the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, are references to the Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad characters and counterparts for God Zenon. However, in the anime when they combine God Zenon is referred to as Powered Zenon, and Calibur becomes the Powered Axe. Also, in the anime, the assist weapons can individually combine with Gridman to form his Max, Buster, and Sky variants or all together to form Full Powered Gridman.

Pre-Orders for Super Mini-Pla SSSS.Gridman are currently open at most retailers. The set is scheduled to release this September and its retail price is 10,400 yen (roughly $104 USD). Furthermore, Super Mini-Pla SSSS.Gridman is now regarded as the most expensive Super Mini-Pla retail release thus far.


Fans of the original tokusatsu series, Denkou Choujin Gridman, can view the show on the TokuHD subscription service. Whereas, people interested in seeing the anime can currently view it on FunimationNow in dual audio, or just in Japanese on Crunchyroll.


Source: Bandai

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