Official Images: Takara Transformers Legends LG-54 – LG-57

This morning brings us an awesome look at the official images for the recently announced Takara Transformers Legends figures. These figures consist of mostly current figures that one can find in North America released by Hasbro in the Titans Return line. However, since these are the Takara edition one can expect premium-like paint details, remolds, and additional accessories. In addition, all of these figures are slated to be December 2017 releases, so these may be something that one might add to their holiday wishlists!


LG-54 Bumblee & EXO-Suit Spike

LG-54 features Scout Class Bumblebee with a Titan Master based on Spike in his EXO-Suit. Spike will be able to transform into a highly remolded version of Hasbro’s Cerebros for Fortress Maximus.


LG-55 Targetmaster Slugslinger

LG-55 features Deluxe Slugslinger which will come with a Takara Exclusive Targetmaster. This Targetmaster being an updated version of his original partner, Caliburst.


LG-56 Perceptor

LG-56 features Deluxe Class Perceptor who does not feature any Takara exclusive addition, but comes with the Titan Master vehicle of Ramhorn.


LG-57 Octone & Ghost Starscream

LG-57 features Voyager Class Octone, who will come with an additional Titan Master design after Ghost Starscream. The Ghost Starscream Titan Master will be mostly clear plastic; which makes one wonder how fragile it may be?

Source: TFND on Facebook

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