[Official Images] Ultra Replica Black Spark Lens 25th Anniversary ver. & Camearra ver.

Recently, Premium Bandai announced the Ultra Replica Black Spark Lens 25th Anniversary ver. & Spark Lens Camearra ver. set. For those unaware, this set commemorates the Spark Lens used in the Ultraman Tiga film, Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey. The Black Spark Lens was Daigo Madoka’s second transformation device that he received from Camearra. Then when using the item Daigo assumed Tiga’s original form as Tiga Dark before reclaiming the powers of light. Whereas, the Spark Lens Camearra Ver. is Camearra’s personal transformation to assume her Giant of Darkness form.


Now, the Ultra Replica Black Spark Lens is an updated re-issue of the previously released item from November 2017. However, the Ultra Replica Spark Lens Camearra ver. is an all-new product for an item that has never been released. Whereas, the Camearra ver. will feature sounds for her basic transformation, and transformation as the Eldritch abomination, Demonthor. Then as for both items they will include BGMs featured in the film, and have display pedestals based on R’lyeh. Nevertheless, below is the official gallery and BGM list for this set from Bandai:

BGMs included in the Black Spark Lens:

  1. Daigo’s Hallucination
  2. Daigo Henshin ~ Revival of the 3 Giants
  3. Tiga Tornado VS Hudra
  4. Tiga Blast, Killing Ground Fight
  5. Darkness Incarnate Demonthor
  6. Miracle of Glitter Tiga

BGMs included in the Camearra Ver.:

  1. Tiga Blast, Killing Ground Fight
  2. R’lyen Crumbles – Camearra Death


Pre-orders for this Ultra Replica Final Odyssey set will open tomorrow, August 25 at 11:00 am JST. Whereas, this set is priced at 15,950 yen, and orders are scheduled to ship out in March 2022. Then for those interested in purchasing this item, they should contact their preferred middleman service soon for more details.


Source: Premium Bandai

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