Official Images: Ultraman Ginga Ultra Replica Ginga Spark

Bandai recently revealed the next Ultra Replica release, which is based on Ultraman Ginga’s Ginga Spark. For those unaware, the Ginga Spark is the transformation device used by series protagonist, Hikaru Raido to transform into Ultraman Ginga. However, the Ginga Spark requires use of the series’ collectible gimmick, the Spark Dolls, to obtain Ultraman Ginga’s natural form, or for Hikaru to turn into other Ultras and/ or Kaiju.


Now, the Ultra Replica Ginga Spark contains the device and an updated Ultraman Ginga Spark Doll. In addition, it will come with two “Ultra Live” spreadsheets to scan and activate over 220+ sounds. Furthermore, the set will feature specialized display stands for the Ginga Spark, and Ultraman Ginga Spark Doll. The sound effects include the “Live Sign” appearance, the “Blades Opening,” reading the “Live Signs,” the Transformation sound, and “Landing” sound. Also, the device includes the Ultraman Ginga’s theme song, and the ability to recreate the first episode transformation sequence. Below is the official gallery from Premium Bandai:

Pre-orders for the Ultra Replica Ginga Spark open soon in Japan, with orders set to close on March 23rd. The item is being sold for 9990 yen, with its release scheduled for August 2019. For those interested in purchasing this item they should contact their preferred middleman, or check their preferred online store. Ultraman Ginga and its immediate sequel, Ultraman Ginga S is currently available for streaming in North America through Crunchyroll and TokuHD.


Source: Premium Bandai

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