[Official Images] Ultraman Orb Ultra Replica Dark Ring

Today, Premium Bandai updated with an order page for the Ultra Replica Dark Ring from Ultraman Orb. For those unaware, Ultraman Orb is the 26th entry in the Ultra Series, celebrating Ultraman’s 50th and Ultraman Tiga’s 20th anniversary. The series aired from July 9th to December 24, 2016 for a total of 25 episodes, and had one feature length film. Whereas, this product is based on the negative version Gai Kurenai’s transformation device to become the titular character. However, in the series, Dark Ring was used by Gai’s rival, the ever-popular anti-hero and occasional antagonist, Jugglus Juggler.


Now, the Ultra Replica Dark Ring is a premium collectors’ item which features updates to original DX toy. Unlike the original toy, this version will be using the mold created for the recently released, Ultra Replica Orb Ring. So, there will be more LED lights included in its construction, as well as possess a motion sensor feature. In addition, the item will contain 5 BGM tracks from the series, and newly recorded lines by actor Takaya Aoyagi. Furthermore, the set will include 16 cards to activate sounds from Ultraman Orb, the film, and The Origin Saga. Whereas, an addition six cards will be included for Jugglus Juggler’s reappearance in Ultraman Z within STORAGE. Nevertheless, below is the official gallery, content listing, and BGM listings for this item provided by Bandai:

This Ultra Replica release will include:

  • Dark Ring
  • 22 Ultra Fusion Cards
  • Display Pedestal

The BGM Tracks included:

  1. Juggler Theme (M16)
  2. Darkness Juggler (M17)
  3. Awaken Juggler (M18)
  4. Demon King Arrives
  5. Maga Orochi

Pre-orders for the Ultra Replica Dark Ring are currently available at Premium Bandai, and orders will remain open un August 31. Whereas, orders for this item are priced at 16,500 yen, and they are scheduled to release in February 2023. So, for those interested in purchasing this item, they should contact their preferred middleman service immediately for more details.


Source: Premium Bandai

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