One Punch Man Season 2 Coming to Toonami

Happy Thursday heroes, as today we have learned that One Punch Man season two will be making its premiere on Toonami October 12th. One Punch Man season two aired earlier this year in Japan and now Toonami will have its time to bring this series to its loyal viewers. Season two has 12 episodes and explores more of Saitama’s life as a hero among other plot lines. I still need to sit down and watch the season myself, so I might do that this weekend when I have the time to. I do know some fans did not like the animation for season two, though. I know when I first saw it I was not impressed either, but at the same time I am happy we still got the season and I am hoping for a season three.


As always let us know what you think down below. Did you want One Punch Man Season 2 when it aired earlier this year, or will you watching it on Toonami? Until the next news post, I am Ben and I’m out!


Source: Anime News Network

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