Persona 5 English Dub Trailer: Haru Okumura

Persona! We have the English dub trailer for Haru Okumura who is in Persona 5. Atlus USA is planning on releasing the game for us here in the states on April 4, 2017. Originally it was scheduled for February 14 of next year but was delayed. That said the delay wasn’t a negative as were now getting  Japanese voice track as a free DLC.

Another thing to note is that the digital version of the game is available for pre-order now, and those who pre-order the game get a dynamic theme and three avatars. I’m excited to play this game when it drops next year. I’ve really been enjoying my play-through of Persona 4 Golden. So I’m interested in seeing where we go from here.  Like always sound off down below with your thoughts. Until the next news story, I’m still XBen3000 and I’m out!


Source: ANN

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