Pokémon Sun & Moon: Alola Forms, New Pokémon & Z-Moves Trailer

The Pokémon Company released a new trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon, revealing brand new features to the franchise. The first new reveal is Alola Forms, variations of classic Pokémon such as Exeggutor (Grass/Dragon) with Frisk, Vulpix (Ice) & Ninetales (Ice/Fairy) with Snow Cloak, and Sandshrew & Sandslash (Ice/Steel) with Snow Cloak.

This was followed by the reveal of new Pokémon, the first being Oricorio whose a Flying-type with form different forms and additional types; Fire, Electric, Psychic and Ghost. Its ability is called Dancer, which can copy dance moves. The second Pokémon reveal is Minior, a Rock/Flying type whose ability is Shield Down. The Shield Down Ability, is a system where when its HP drops below half its shell will break, and change into a form for attacking; while the shell is intact defenses are increased and it is protected from status conditions. Next is the reveal for Yungoos‘ evolution, Gumshoos who has Stakeout or Strong Jaw. Gumshoos is followed by new Pokémon, Formantis and its evolution Lurantis, who have the the ability Leaf Guard and new move Solar Blade. Mudsdale’s pre-evolution was also shown, Mudbray the Ground-type whose abilities are Own Tempo and Stamina. It is was also shown that Mudsdale will be one of the new ridable Pokémon alongside Charizard. Another reveal is the concept of Totem Pokémon, which seems to be Pokémon the respond to the Trainer as another Trainer and as a regular encounter.

The final reveal in the trailer is the Z-Moves which Trainer’s use via the Z-Ring and Z-Crystals. When a Pokémon holds a matching Z-Crystal, and has the same elemental move it will be able to perform its Z-Move. The Z-Moves are a powerful moves which can only be used once per battle and will fill the entire screen. The Pokémon Company intends to release a special item for a Z-Ring that will light up with use of the games.

Source: Serebii

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