Transformers Generations TItan Returns Voyager Class Galvatron Review

The Decepticon Leader has been a force to reckoned with since the 80s, however does the latest incarnation hold up to the Leader’s standards?  We will soon find out with this review.    In order to combat the Autobot Titan Masters,  Galvatron also gains the power of the Titan Masters to level the playing field. With the help of his Titan Master, Nucleon, the Autobots will tremble in fear in the sight of Galvatron.

The figure has many strong points over the Universe Galvatron, which is well appreciated, although it does suffer its own set of problems.  In contrary to the box art, the helmet piece is a separate piece that springs out when the chest compartment is open.  This is a very concerning design choice since it limits the head articulation drastically.  Another flaw can be seen with his fusion canon.  While it is awesome that it has the ability to come off his arm (mainly for the transformation) it is placed in a very awkward position on the arm causing major hindrance in articulation.  All in the all, Galvatron is a must have for those who are fans of the original G1 film and the cartoon series.

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