Pokémon Sun & Moon Corocoro Magazine Scans – New Evolutions & Alola Form Revealed

Recently new Corocoro magazine scans for Pokémon Sun & Moon have surfaced on the net, which reveal some brand new evolutions as well as a new Alola form.

First, it has been revealed that Grimer will be receiving an Alola form.  According to Serebii, it’s form will be a Poison/ Dark type.

Next,  the evolution form for Type: Null has been shown.  It is stated that when it finds a trainer it can trust, it breaks its helmet to become its evolution form called Silvadi.   Depending on what Silvadi holds it will become a different type out of the 18 assorted types.  There will be a special hold item specifically made for it called Memory, which will allow it become one of the many types due to its ability called AR System.   Other physical differences are the color of its eyes, mane, and tail which will be determined by its type.   Silvadi’s signature attack move will be called Multi Attack, which its power will also be reflected from its type.

Jango’s evolutionary line was also revealed.  Although the evolutionary requirements are not confirmed at this time it has been confirmed that it will evolve into Jarango and then into Jararanga. 

Lastly some minor information about the trial captains and the setting were revealed.  The first Trial Captain the player will encounter will be named Ilmia and the first town in the game will be called Hauori City.

Pokémon Sun & Moon will be released on the Nintendo 3DS on November 18, 2016.

Source: Serebii


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