Ultraman Orb Episode 13 – Clean Up of the Heart Review

Now, we come to one of the most feared thing within any series… A CLIP SHOW! Yes today’s review is on a clip show unfortunately, yet unlike previous clip shows from X, Ginga or Ginga S it actually treats itself as an episode within the series, and not some weird fourth wall acknowledging the audience type. Luckily enough since it attempted to be an actual episode within the season, it does have aspects to enjoy as well as answers one question pertaining to the Planetary Invasion Syndicate, and maybe hints to something else within the series’ future!


Naomi returns to office and discovers it is in a mess, a mess that was expected to be cleaned or almost done by the time she had returned. Jetta explains Shin caused the mess because he is a terrible hoarder who cannot let go of things easily. The team is then forced to band together in cleaning the overall office, which leads them into the first batch of flashbacks with Bassar and Grand King. Gai soon arrives, and is quickly put to work as Naomi discovers the clothes from the Jappa incident. The team then begins to rethink that Earth is an “imbalance zone” while Gai looks at his Ultra Fusion cards to lament to himself about his combinations. Eventually it also leads Gai and Jetta to think about the events with Haruka as well with Babalu. Shibukawa arrives to help, and it leads Jetta to think maybe he is Orb due to being late as well as going missing from time to time. Shibukawa is then made to do dishes, and Gai is made to wash the car.

Naomi hums that melody again which she used to calm Ragon, while remembering the discussion she had with Gai over the Russian nesting dolls before being forced to remember about her mom’s recent trip. Meanwhile in upper atmosphere the Planetary Invasion Syndicate’s ship remains, where Metron is seen to have survived. He fears Juggler, but seeks to get him back for killing Don Nostra. Then the final half of the episode then relies heavily on the overall conflict between Gai and Juggler, Gai’s battle with the Zetton, and the battle with Orochi. Having finished washing the car, Shin tells Gai to come in to have tea/coffee with the team causing him to realize S.S.P. has become his new home.

My Thoughts:

For being a clip show this episode attempted to provide itself as an actual story with the series, rather than previous years which did not, as mentioned in the introduction. With the episode having been presented within canon it made it actually easier to enjoy, since it used an event that trigger trips down memory lane, allowing proper transitions into the flashbacks from the previous twelve episodes. I found interesting some of the events were either provided out of order when it related to the Planetary Invasion Syndicate and Juggler, or the other non King Demon Beasts episodes. I also liked that the episode addressed that Metron is alive, and possibly planning to seek revenge on Juggler for killing Don Nostra, so I hope it plays apart to the Zeppandon episodes or the actual finale. Now, something I got out of this episode was a very odd hunch that the Russian Nesting Doll may play a part to Orb regaining his Origin Form and the Caliber. The series tends to visit that item a lot of too offer, as both Gai and Juggler are drawn to it. I felt it was either due to the attachment of Natasha because she is most likely Russian however it could lead to something more especially with Naomi knowing that melody/ song that Natasha specifically knew. It is a little crazy, but if I am right this idea would be interesting none the least!

Orb nesting doll

Anyways, this episode did not provide much rather than a trip down binge watching lane for international viewers who use Crunchyroll. Hopefully this will be the last clip show the series has to offer, and it won’t be like X with had one too many. Yet, luckily next the episode sets us back on course, as well as introduces a new exclusive kaiju to this series, Galactron. All we know is that this robotic monster is an alley and enemy to justice, meaning it is on the fritz!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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