Power Rangers Dino Fury Second Season Part 2 Release Date Announced

The official Power Rangers twitter account has updated with a trailer for the next part of Power Rangers Dino Fury. For those who have not been following the show, the second season of the series debuted on Netflix on June 15, 2021 with the second half being released on March 3, 2022. The second half set of the second season will premiere on Netflix on September 29, 2022. Keep in mind this trailer features some spoilers for the second season so watch at your own discretion.

While I personally enjoyed the second season of the series so far I find it incredibly frustrating how long it took for the second part of the season to be released. With the change of networks from Nickelodeon to Netflix I thought the series would be released in a better manner, however it seems the series followed the trend of other Netflix shows if not worse. That being said it nice to finally see it back.

Source: Power Rangers

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