Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid “Once a Ranger” Expansion Revealed

Renegade Game Studios has revealed the next Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid expansion bundle for the game. This wave of expansions is known as “Once a Ranger” and features several smaller expansions. The campaign is being handled via CrowdOx like the Ranger Allies Pack campaign from earlier this year. There is no funding goal and the expansions are set to be shipped in April 2021.

Squatt and Baboo Character Pack



The first expansion is a character pack featuring the last two members of Rita Repula’s moon palace crew. The bumbling duo of Squatt and Baboo arrive in a two-pack not dissimilar to Bulk and Skull. The set contains miniatures of the duo as well as 8 monsters cards and 1 deployment card each. As a bonus, a dual-deployment card is included for the pair to enter battle together. The set is $20.

Villains Pack 3: Legacy of Evil



The next expansion is Villains Pack 3. The first pack contained classic Mighty Morphin villains and the second featured the Machine Empire. This third Villains Pack is a mix of seasons containing Mighty Morphin monsters with new bosses. King Sphinx and Terror Toad from Season 1 of Mighty Morphin whereas Pirantishead debuted in Season 2. Divatox, self proclaimed Queen of All Evil enters the Grid after defeating the Turbo Rangers. The set is rounded out by the supposed son of Zedd and Rita, Thrax from the Operation Overdrive episode “Once a Ranger”. The set will retail for $40.

Legendary Rangers: Forever Rangers Pack



The third and last expansion is Legendary Rangers: Forever Rangers Pack. The second Legendary Rangers set focuses on four Rangers who took the place of the original Mighty Morphin team. Contained is new sculpts for Mighty Morphin Red, Black, Yellow and Pink that differ from those in the Base Game. Reprinted from the Kickstarter Box is the character cards for Rocky, Adam, Aisha and Kat. However this time, all four Rangers are given brand-new combat decks instead of needing to borrow their predecessor’s powers. The newness continues with the 5 Thunderzord, Thunder Megazord, Mega Tigerzord and the mysterious Power Blaster Zord cards. On the non-Ranger side, Alpha 5 is being offered outside the Kickstarter Box with a new miniature and new cards to his name. The set will also retail for $40.

Painted Megazord Miniature



While not changing Gameplay at all, Renegade is offering their Megazord miniature once again but now fully painted. The item will be priced at $45.

Fan Appreciation Kit

The final item is included free with the three different bundles for the campaign, or for $20 on its own. Known as the Fan Appreciation Kit, this set contains the following:

Scenario Book reprinting the free scenarios from the past year.

  • Titanus and Ultrazord Zord Cards
  • 8 Patch Tokens for Halloween Scenario
  • 6 Gift Tokens for Christmas Scenario
  • 5 Zeo Crystal Tokens for Zeo Scenario
8 Megazord Tokens to match every Megazord card in the game thus far
  • 6 Player Life Tokens to use in place of Energy in Command Center
20 Ranger, 15 Monster and 5 Boss dividers for the Card Storage Box
  • Card Divider Sticker Sheet

The campaign runs from now until October 27, 2020. Multiple tiers are available to suit different needs. Check out the campaign page here if you’re interested!

Source: Power Rangers Gaming

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