Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – Base Game Character Guide

Welcome to Soundout’s Heroes of the Grid Showcase companion article series! These articles will work in addition to the videos being released to provide more details on characters, both Rangers and Villains within the game. They will be broken down by each box/ expansion released for the game, and will be updated as such. This article will cover the base game itself which is Mighty Morphin themed, and will be accompanied by the in-depth videos that go over the individual parts.


Heroes of the Grid Showcase Episode 1A: Base Game – Rangers

Ranger Character Guide:

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger

  • Type: Leader
  • Effect: Jason: “Once per battle, a Ranger of your choice may re-roll any number of dice during an attack.”
  • Deck: Jason’s deck features a lot of cards to help lead a team. Most of his deck has effects to add dice to other Ranger’s attack roles, or gain energy for the team.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card before a Ranger performs an attack to add 2 dice to that attack.”

Mighty Morphin Black Ranger

  • Type: Powerhouse
  • Effect: Zack: “Once per battle, after you defeat an enemy card with an attack, you may deal 1 damage to another enemy card adjacent to your target.”
  • Deck: Zack’s deck is designed to add dice to attacks with different conditions. A lot of his cards will become stronger with cards in his discard and hand. In addition, many of his attacks allow for roll over damage to other enemy cards.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card to immediately remove 1 foot soldier figure from any location and place it on the experience track.”

Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger

  • Type: Strategist
  • Effect: “Once per battle, a Ranger of your choice may draw 1 card and then place 1 card from their hand back on top of their deck.”
  • Deck: Billy’s deck is built to be controlled. Many of his cards allow for replacing cards in the deck order to help take damage. Many of his attacks have effects that trigger when used for defense.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card to allow any Ranger to choose up to 2 cards from their discard pile and return them to the top of their deck, in any order.”

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger

  • Type: Speedy
  • Effect: Trini: “Once per battle, after you play a card, you may immediately play another card with the same name.”
  • Deck: Trini’s deck is all about light attacks that can be dealt multiple times. Many of her cards have options to attack twice which works in tandem with her effect.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card during a battle to allow each participating Ranger to draw up to 2 cards.”

Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger

  • Type: Sharpshooter
  • Effect: Kim: “At the start of each battle, you may deal 1 damage to an enemy card of your choice”
  • Deck: Kim’s deck is mostly made up from cards that can gain energy as a result of attacking. The other cards are high dice attacks that also can ignore GUARD.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card during a battle to gain 2 energy.”



Dino Megazord

  • Effect: “Exhaust this card to place the Megazord token in any location. At the start of each battle in the Megazord’s current location, deal 1 damage to each enemy card.”


Heroes of the Grid Showcase Episode 1B: Base Game – Villains

Villain Character Guide:

The villain section of the game is much larger than the Ranger section, as it is broken down into three categories: Foot Soldiers, Monsters, and Bosses.

Foot Soldiers:

Putty Patrollers

  • Locations: Ernie’s Juice Bar & Angel Grove Park
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Warnings: Putty Patrollers are not too much of a threat on their own and are relatively easy to defeat. Be wary of large groups of them as they can be overwhelming.

Super Putty Patrollers

  • Locations: Angel Grove High & Industrial District
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: Super Putty Patrollers are the slightly more powerful versions of the standard Putty Patrollers. They are not too strong individually, however, unlike normal Putties, the Super Putties can regrow and double their forces.



Pudgy Pig

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: The ravenous hunger of the Pudgy Pig knows no end. This hunger includes a burning desire to destroy Power Rangers. He may look goofy, but his PASSIVE ability can prevent Rangers from using any attacks that require energy making this Pig a difficult ham to roast.

Madame Woe

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: The mysterious menace known as Madame Woe has a bad habit of playing a long term plan, which can work well for the Rangers. Woe’s health is low on quite a few cards but she has some heavy attacks and discarding abilities. Rangers should be weary of her Teleport ability preventing Rangers from attacking other cards beyond it.

Knasty Knight

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: As one of Rita’s oldest monsters, Knasty Knight has a legacy of destruction in his wake. Knasty Knight’s health is in the normal range, but his ability to reflect damage can destroy Rangers before they can take down this fearsome foe.


  • Difficulty: Easy-Hard
  • Warnings: The fearsome warrior known as Bones is one of the more random opponents that the Rangers can face. If luck is on their side, Rangers may be able to take out Bones with ease. If not, Bones’ regeneration card will send the Rangers packing or leave the city vulnerable to panic.



Rita Repulsa

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: The self-proclaimed “Empress of Evil” Rita Repulsa is a powerful warrior. Her deck is comprised of entirely FAST and GUARD cards, aside from one PASSIVE ability which curses the Ranger’s energy use. Rita is sure to leave the Ranger’s with many headaches.


Now, this concludes the first episode of Soundout’s Heroes of the Grid Showcase. Please stay tuned for the next installment and guide, which is on the Kickstarter Exclusives: Phase 1!

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