Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Phase 2 Revealed

After a very successful launch of the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid table top game with last year’s Phase 1 Kickstarter as well as this year’s release, Renegade Game Studios is back to bring more Ranger power to fans of Power Rangers and Tabletop Gamers alike. The second phase Kickstarter, titled Back to the Grid, features less new products than the previous one. However, there are some nice bonuses and chances for those who may have missed out on things before.


Back to the Grid New Items:

Zeo Master

Included in this Phase for the first time are the Zeo Ranger Pack, Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver Pack and Mega Goldar Deluxe Figure as well as the Kickstarter Exclusive Zeo Gold Character Pack.

The Zeo Ranger Pack will include Tommy Oliver/Zeo Ranger V, Adam Park/Zeo Ranger IV, Rocky DeSantos/Zeo Ranger III, Tanya Sloan/Zeo Ranger II, and Kat Hillard/Zeo Ranger I miniatures. Each Ranger comes with 10 Combat Cards, a Character Card and a Zord Card. As a bonus in the pack, a Zeo Megazord Card is included. The set is listed as a $40 pledge that includes the Zeo Gold Pack. This set should also be releasing to retail next year, but its retail price is unknown at this time.

The Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver Pack includes five different versions of Tommy Oliver with four playable Rangers, as well as one Monster. The set includes Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and Mighty Morphin White Ranger which previously appeared in the Kickstarter Phase 1 Deluxe Box, but this pack seems to feature new sculpts for both miniatures. The Character and Zord cards shown are the same as the previous release however. Dino Thunder Black Ranger and Turbo Red Ranger are brand-new and include 10 Combat Cards, 1 Character Card and 1 Zord Card each. Interestingly, Turbo Red‘s Zord card is shown as Lightning Cruiser, TJ’s personal sentient vehicle, instead of the Red Lightning Turbo Zord. This may mean that Red Lightning could appear later on in another expansion down the road. The final part of this pack is the Evil Robot Tommy Monster, based on its appearance in the Dimensions in Danger episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel; the Evil Robot Tommy miniature is packed with 1 Deployment Card and 8 Monster Cards. Just like the Zeo Ranger Pack, this set is a $40 pledge that also includes Zeo Gold Character Pack.

The final retail item that is releasing early via Kickstarter, is the Mega Goldar Deluxe Figure. Much like Phase 1’s Cyclopsis Deluxe Figure, Mega Goldar includes not only the large miniature himself but also a Deployment Card, 6 Component Cards as well as presumably 6 Combat Cards. This allows Mega Goldar to act as a Boss in the game that is Megazord sized. Just like with the previous two items, Mega Goldar is a $40 pledge that also includes the Zeo Gold Character Pack. 

Zeo Gold

After mentioning it three times now, we finally reached the Kickstarter Phase 2 exclusive, the Zeo Gold Character Pack. This pack only available through this campaign includes the Zeo Gold Miniature, 10 Combat Cards, a Double-Sided Character Card featuring Trey of Triforia and Jason Lee Scott (who have different effects), the Pyramidas Zord Card as well as 4 special combat dice. As something that is included with any of the Pledge tiers, this is certainly a worthy incentive to pick-up items via the campaign.

Several pledge tiers are available including a Zeo Master tier containing all the new items and a Mega Morphin Master tier containing everything from Phase 1 and Phase 2. Also available as add-ons is the Bulk and Skull Character Pack that was previously released at conventions and Renegade Games’ website and the Phase 1 Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Box.


The campaign runs from September 17 to October 1, 2019, with all items are scheduled to ship in March 2020 worldwide. The funding goal was originally $25,000. However, the campaign was successfully funded in less than 10 minutes making this act as an extended pre-order for those wanting to join in.


Check out the campaign here: Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid: Back to the Grid


Also, check out this promotional video from Renegade Game Studio:


Source: Kickstarter

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