Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Ranger Allies Pack #1 Announced

UPDATE 02/21/20: Added Ninjor and Phantom Ranger Card Previews

UPDATE 02/24/20: Added SPD Shadow Ranger Card Previews

Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid has been quiet for some time now since the Phase 2 Kickstarter closed, but today a new expansion has been announced. The Renegade Games Studios Website has opened a page for the Ranger Allies Pack #1. The set is open for Pre-Order now through March 4th, 2020 with an estimated arrival date of May 2020. The set is only available to order via CrowdOx, a crowdfunding service which Renegade used previously to manage post-Kickstarter backer surveys and late pledges. There does not seem to be a minimum number of orders needed for the set to be produced but there is a Pre-Order bonus item.


The set is priced at $40 USD with shipping costing $10 USD and the set can be shipped to Australia, Canada, European Union, Norway, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, US. The Pre-Order page can be found at this link.


Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Ranger Allies Pack #1 Contents


5 Ranger Figures:

  • Ninjor (Base Form)
  • Zeo Gold (Different Sculpt From Phase 2 Kickstarter Exclusive)
  • Magna Defender
  • Phantom Ranger
  • SPD Shadow Ranger (Unhelmeted)

50 Combat Cards:

  • Ninjor Combat Deck (10 Cards)
  • Zeo Gold Combat Deck (10 Cards)
  • Magna Defender Combat Deck (10 Cards)
  • Phantom Ranger Combat Deck (10 Cards)
  • SPD Shadow Ranger Combat Deck (10 Cards)

6 Character Cards:

  • Ninjor Character Card
  • Zeo Gold (Jason) Character Card
  • Zeo Gold (Trey) Character Card
  • Magna Defender Character Card
  • Phantom Ranger Character Card
  • SPD Shadow Ranger Character Card

5 Zord Cards:

  • Unknown Ninjor Zord Card (Possibly Samurai Ninjor)
  • Pyramidas Zord Card (Same as Phase 2 Kickstarter)
  • Unknown Magna Defender Zord Card (Possibly Defender Torozord)
  • Unknown Phantom Ranger Zord Card (Possibly Artillatron)
  • Unknown SPD Shadow Ranger Zord Card (Possibly Delta Command Crawler)

1 Megazord Card:

  • Unknown Megazord Card

1 Rule Sheet



Pre-Order Exclusive Bonus:

  • SPD Shadow Ranger Miniature (Helmeted)

The Renegade Game Studios Team will be posting updates on the set each day during the campaign. We at Hero Club will be updating this article as more is revealed. Be sure to keep checking back to the page for more details as they are posted!

Day 1 Update: Zeo Gold Ranger Cards and Miniature

Day 2 Update: Ninjor Combat Cards and Miniature


Day 3 Update: Phantom Ranger Combat Cards and Miniature

Phantom Ranger Showcase

Day 4 Update: SPD Shadow Ranger Combat Cards and Miniatures

Sources: Renegade Game Studios Website, Renegade on CrowdOx, Day 1 Update

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