Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – Shattered Grid Character Guide

Hello there Hero Club, this is Soundout and welcome the third episode of Heroes of the Grid Showcase! For those unaware, this series is about chronicling the heroes and villains featured in the Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid table top game. Now, this episode is an in-depth look at the first major big box expansion to the game that is based on the 2018 comic event, Power Rangers: Shattered Grid. This box set includes the new Mastodon Sentry Foot Soldiers, Black Dragon, Ranger Slayer, Lord Drakkon, the Hyperforce Rangers alongside Time Force Pink and Super Samurai Red. Check out the episode and the character guide below!


Heroes of the Grid Showcase Episode 3: Shattered Grid Expansion

Ranger Character Guide:

Hyperforce Red

  • Type: Energizer
  • Effect: “Once per battle, you may either discard 1 card to gain 1 energy or spend 1 energy to draw one card.”
  • Deck: Marv’s deck has a lot of 0 cost cards and many of their effects are designed for gaining and spending energy. He is able to boost many attacks with extra dice.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card when any Ranger performs an attack to convert all miss results to hit results.

Hyperforce Blue

  • Type: Support
  • Effect: “Once per battle, a Ranger of your choice may place up to 3 cards from their hand on the bottom of their deck, then draw an equal number of cards.”
  • Deck: Eddie’s deck is built around attaching cards to enemies to add additional damage on resolution step. Other cards support the team.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card during a battle to flip up to 2 foot soldier cards face down, as though defeated. (Do not remove any foot soldier figures from that location)

Hyperforce Black

  • Type: Defense
  • Effect: “If there are 3 or more enemy figures in your location, reduce the energy cost of all your cards by 1.”
  • Deck: Vesper’s deck is sturdy and can take heavy damage. Most of her cards have abilities based on status of enemy cards. Added dice and spread damage.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card to deal 1 damage each up to 3 enemy cards.

Hyperforce Yellow

  • Type: Power
  • Effect: “Each time you suffer damage, before revealing any cards for defense, you may choose up to 1 card from your hand and place it on top of your deck.”
  • Deck: Jack’s deck is rugged, with many high shield cards. Low shield cards have effects to assist in future battles. Allows for reshuffling for self and others.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card when any Ranger suffers damage to reduce that damage by 3.”

Hyperforce Pink

  • Type: Speedy
  • Effect: “You may spend 1 energy to take the first turn in the battle even if there is an enemy card with the FAST keyword in play.”
  • Deck: Chloe’s deck features many low dice attacks, but has abilities to add damage and energy.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card to allow a Ranger of your choice to choose a card from their discard pile and return it to their hand.”

Time Force Pink

  • Type: Leader/ Powerhouse
  • Effect: “At the start of each battle, you may choose 2 enemy cards of the same type and swap their battle positions in the combat sequence.
  • Deck: Jen’s deck has many leadership qualities to support Rangers, but also has multiple high dice attacks. She can gain and use energy to deal high damage attacks.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card to allow a Ranger of your choice to play a card in a battle taking place in another location, as though they were in that location.

Super Samurai Red

  • Type: Leader/ Strategist
  • Effect: “At the end of each battle, add 1 energy to your personal storage (if you do not have 1 already).”
  • Deck: Lauren’s deck allows for low energy, high dice attacks with many effects to re-roll missed attacks, or apply damage in different ways.
  • Zord: “Exhaust this card when any Ranger plays a card to reduce that card’s energy cost by 1. If it is an attack, add 1 dice to that attack.”


Chronos Hyperforce Megazord

  • Effect: “At the start of each battle, each participating Ranger may search their deck or discard pile for a card and add it to their hand. If they do, they must shuffle their deck.”


Villian Character Guide:

Foot Soldiers:

Mastodon Troopers

  • Locations: Resistance Hideout & Zord Graveyard
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: The Mastodon Troopers work as Lord Drakkon’s enforcers. Due to their powers being created from destroyed Power Coins, the Mastodon Troopers have several attacks that use dice to determine damage.

Black Dragon

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Warnings: Lord Drakkon is an evil Ranger and as an evil Ranger, he needs an evil Zord. Black Dragon is that Zord. While Drakkon can pilot him, Black Dragon also acts on his own agenda. Rangers may underestimate his strength due to his low health stats, but his heavy attacks will force Rangers to be quick to act or fear losing their battles permanently.

Ranger Slayer

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: Kimberly Ann Hart from the World of the Coinless is a formidable warrior. As the Ranger Slayer her powers have been corrupted and she is being controlled by Lord Drakkon. Being a Ranger, her attacks will deal damage based on dice rolls, and being the powerhouse she is, its a lot of dice. The Ranger Slayer has her name for a reason and the Rangers should be wary of her power.


Lord Drakkon

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Warnings: Lord Drakkon is powerful and no one dares tell him different. A evil Ranger himself, Lord Drakkon uses the corrupted powers of two Power Coins fused together. On top of being able to deal out massive amounts of damage, he is able to absorb energy from the Rangers, making him stronger than before. Rangers need to come prepared for the worst when facing Lord Drakkon.


That concludes Episode 3 of Soundout’s Heroes of the Grid Showcase! Stay tuned for the next time when we wrap up Phase 1 of the game….

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