[Toy Review] Power Rangers Lightning Collection Dino Charge Black

Few months ago, fans found a listing in Target’s inventory for an upcoming Power Rangers Lightning Collection figure. In addition, this mysterious figure was mentioned to be based on a Black Ranger. Then surprisingly on Tuesday, the item stocked in stores before its official reveal, and it is none other than Chase Randall/ Dino Charge Black! Fans expected this item to be officially announced during Hasbro’s possible event or stream this weekend. Yet, those plans most likely have changed due to their weekly scheduled Fan First Fridays streams. Now, Dino Charge Black is a retool of the previously released Dino Charge Red figure. However, the key differences are the optional heads, and the new effect piece; this new effect pieces is specifically dedicated to the Dino Charge Morpher. Nevertheless, please enjoy this Soundout Review on this early release copy of Power Rangers Lighting Collection Dino Charge Black Ranger!


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