Review: SDCC Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Red & Zeo Gold Ranger Set

I, Wheelchair21 return with one of my latest reviews, which is the SDCC Power Rangers Lightning Collection Jason 2-Pack! This is the first-ever San Diego Comic Con exclusive and first convention item for Power Rangers under Hasbro’s management. Also, unlike Bandai this item is not exclusively obtainable at the event, and had a limited release through Hasbro’s official store,! Thankfully enough the set is not centered on or feature Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank); instead it is about the first Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John).


Now, the set is highly sought after either due to the character, the Rangers forms/ suits, rarity, and/ or collection purposes; it honestly depends on the individual. For those looking forward to opening the product, they will either be met with a wonderful release or fluctuating levels of quality control. However, this is not rare occurrence with Hasbro exclusives, but may be a new experience for a “Power Rangers only” fan. Thankfully for my audience, I have a set that’d be considered a few notches below the bar of perfection. So, we have some sort of an example for issues with Hasbro’s convention exclusives. Anyways, let’s hop right into this review…

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