[Toy Review] Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 3

Hey there Hero Club! Wave 4 of the Power Rangers Lightning Collection is currently out and about online, whereas Wave 5 will be releasing in a couple months. So, let us take a look back at the great figures released in Wave 3! Now, this wave features four figures: Mighty Morphin Red Ranger/ Jason Lee Scott, Beast Morphers Blue Ranger/ Ravi Shaw, Dino Charge Gold Ranger/ Sir Ivan of Xandar and Lord Drakkon/ Tommy Oliver. This wave was released in an eight figure case assortment that broken down to 3x MMPR Red, 3x BM Blue, 1x DC Gold and 1x Lord Drakkon. Anyways, let us sit back, relax and take a deep dive into this wave within the Soundout Review below!

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