[Press Release] UGH! Entertainment Presents Ku-Mighty

Hey there Heroes, here’s to a happy Monday, and to the start of a new work week! Today, we are highlighting an upcoming project being created by UGH! Entertainment. Additionally, UGH! Entertainment is partnering up with our friends at Starlight Runner Entertainment to produce this new project. Now, this project is going to be an all-new comic book series called Ku-Mighty. The upcoming title will feature a fantasy world of anthropomorphic warriors based on our world’s mythology. Whereas, the following is official summary for the book as provided by UGH! Entertainment.

Pen and Inked pages by Rodrigo “Rodo” Martinez.

Ku-Mighty is a deeply developed story world universe co-created by the acclaimed Starlight Runner Entertainment that taps into our Earth’s mythology, legends, and secret societies and turns them all upside down. This multi-series epic tells a story of adventure, mystery, and revelation on another planet very similar to ours.


Issue 1, The Rise of the Righteous, starts with a dangerous relic-hunting expedition led by a Sage-Warrior named Pan-Ku, who, along with his band of “Collectors” have dedicated themselves to unraveling the mystery behind the planet’s former god-like creators and rulers’ sudden vanishing while taking on a mission to secure the “power” that was left behind and up for grabs. The Collectors, and their new-found possessions, soon become targets for marauders, bounty hunters and those who seek power and dominance in the new despotic order on Esharra and beyond.

Pen & Inked pages of Issue one by Rodrigo “Rodo” Martínez

Currently, UGH! Entertainment is working to launch their crowdfunding campaign to produce the series in the near future. In preparation for the campaign, the company is providing a promotion for fans to receive the first issue for free. Titled, Ku-Mighty Issue 1: Storyworld & Character Profile Guide, this limited edition will feature content like concept art and character backstories. Additionally, credit for the artwork goes to Rodrigo “RODO” Martínez, Ibrahim Aydin, and Saida Temofonte with cover by Caanan White. Whereas, to qualify to obtain the book, one simply needs to sign-up to receive notifications for the campaign.


So, for more details on Ku-Mighty, we insist readers should head over to UGH! Entertainment’s campaign featured on Zoop. Also, besides following the campaign through the crowdfunding service, Zoop, readers can follow UGH! Entertainment on LinkedIn for more information. Furthermore, expect more updates on the book, as the company reached out to Hero-Club to help promote the series. Nevertheless, like always, thanks for the support, and make sure to follow us across social media by using @HeroClub4Life!



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