[Comic Review] Radiant Pink #3

Radiant Pink #3 cover

Salutations Heroes, as today we have another review on Radiant Pink, this time we are looking at its third issue. However, for those joining us now, we do have a review available on the previous issues for fans to read. Anyway, the current issue is titled “The World’s Worst Love Story,” and I can tell everyone that it summarizes everything. Especially, given the current circumstances that our hero, Radiant Pink (Eva) and her frenemy Kelly find themselves in. Although, with that said, let us get on with our review for Radiant Pink #3, as provided by Image Comics.

Comic Credit

  • Artist: Emma Kubert
  • Colorist: Rebecca Naity
  • Lettering: Becca Carey
  • Writers: Meghan Camarena & Melissa Flores
  • Creative Director: Kyle Higgins
  • Production Artist: Wesely Griffith
  • Editor & Designer: Michael Busuttil
  • Cover Artist: Emma Kubert with Rebecca Nalty. (Cover A), Erica D’urso (Cover B)
  • Radiant Black was created by Kyle Higgins & Marcelo Costa.


This whole time I’ve been blaming myself, but it was you! It was THAT!”



We begin the issue with a look at Kelly’s perspective, and it seems like life dealt her a bad hand. For readers, we get to see how Kelly got to this point, and somewhat empathize with what she has done. As a result, my impression is that at her core, Kelly is a good person going through various struggles. So, it makes sense that certain instants make good people resort to doing something underhanded, or against their own values. However, when returning the present, readers are presented with an argument between Kelly, and Eva (Radiant Pink), which I enjoyed. Specifically, I liked how Meghan Camarena and Melissa Flores wrote the argument as a discussion becoming a shouting match.


Also, giving credit to artist Emma Kubert, she really focused on their facial expressions and body language for this scene. Like readers can actually feel the tension between our characters build up during the panels even without dialog. Interestingly, my favorite panels during this scene are when the argument nears its climax, when Eva decides to fight Kelly. Especially, with colorist Rebecca Naity’s decision to use red in the background to convey these characters’ anger. Surprisingly, it is something so simple to do, but very effective when combined with Kubert’s aforementioned illustrations.


Now, as mentioned earlier, Eva and Kelly get into a fight, but Kelly’s new tech vest gives her an advantage. Interestingly, from this fight it makes me feel that if Kelly was serious though, she could have potentially killed Eva. Although, I do not think that will happen, but it could be a possible future storyline for this series. Also, it seems to me that the villains in the Massive-Verse, specifically with Radiants, are almost as powerful as them. However, it appears that most of these villains rely on alien tech, but I like how the alignments seem balanced.


Whereas, as our characters try talking through their issue, Kelly admits that she cares Eva. Unfortunately, this places Eva into a difficult situation, as Kelly is “her Enemy,” and she must verify her identity crisis. Specifically, Eva clarifies that she and Radiant Pink are the same person, so everything has become a personal attack. Yet, the pair manage to form a truce where they will work together so they can get home. However, with this truce established it then leads our characters to learn more about the monster cat named ‘Kitty Kitty.’


For those reading Inferno Girl Red, this should look familiar.

Coincidentally, Kitty Kitty of the Galactic Imperial Kitty Kitties is their heir to the Kitty Kween of Plant Katneep IV. However, as readers can this monster is one giant joke for cat lovers from its naming to overall origins alone. So, as some might expect, Eva explodes more so of happiness since she is a cat lover too. Whereas, through our characters’ ongoing conversation they come to an agreement to help this cat escape. Although, without spoiling how they freed Kitty Kitty, I will say it is funny and reasonable regarding how things transpired. Especially, since Kitty Kitty actually required help from both, Eva and Kelly before making their escape.


Then as our characters escape the alien planet, Eva’s and Kelly’s feelings for one another emerge again. Coincidentally, Kubert and Naity create another amazing visual during this interaction, which makes me invested into this budding relationship. Like I want to know if they will get together when everything ends, or if Eva will arrest Kelly. However, before they can discuss their future together, a slippery antagonist appears to ruin the moment and end the issue.


Overall, Radiant Pink #3 continues the journey of Eva’s arc into becoming a better heroine. Additionally, it explores how Eva looks to find her own happiness along the way. Hopefully, it should lead to Eva being able to help Kelly with fixing her own problematic life too. Whereas, I really want to know how this may tie into Inferno Girl Red, provided by that one panel. Although, I am sure that if it was not an ‘Easter Egg,’ it is obviously something to be explored soon. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to see how everything shapes up in this series’ penultimate issue real soon.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 Stars

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