Review: Legendary Voltron Week Day Six- Voltron

Today is the final day for Legendary Voltron Week on my channel as we look at the full combination of Voltron. Today we will be looking at the combined form of Voltron.  The individual lions may be limited in their functionality on their own, but they work well together when they fully form Voltron.  Most of the articulation utilizes the articulation of the lions, which works decently for the main form of Voltron.  While I am okay with the articulation on the figure mostly, however I am just glad a Voltron was made in general as a retail released figure.  Overall while the figure isn’t perfect I think it is a decent figure so I recommend getting this if you are a fan of Voltron.  I got the smaller lions from BBTS and the Black Lion with the help of my friend Soundout12.

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