Uchu Sentai Kyuuranger Trailer

Yesterday, TV-Asahi released a full trailer for Uchu Sentai Kyuuranger. The trailer highlights each of the Kyuurangers, villains, and mecha. Furthermore, the trailer is accompanied by the show’s opening theme song, LUCKY STAR. The series is schedule to succeed Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger on Feburary 12 as a part of Super Hero Time block. Kyuuranger will feature Takayuki Shibasaki as its head director and Nobuhiro Mouri as head writer. Shibasaki and Mouri previously worked together on Go-Busters, OOO, and Gaim. Manga artist, Masato Hisa serves as the series’ designer. Hisa is best known for Nobunagun and Area 51.


Series Synopsis:

In the distant future, the universe has become dominated by the Jark Matter organization. As a result hope has been lost. Yet, mystical items harnessing the powers of the constellations called Kyutama have chosen nine warriors to become the universe’s saviors. Together they are the ultimate saviors, Uchu Sentai Kyuuranger!

The Kyuranger Team:

  • “Super Star” Shishi Red, Lucky – Takumi Kizu
  • “Poison Star” Sasori Orange, Stinger – Yousuke Kishi
  • “Beast Star” Ookami Blue, Garu – Kazuya Nakai
  • “Trick Star” Tenbin Gold, Balance – Yuuki Ono
  • “Ring Star” Oushi Black, Champ – Akio Otsuka
  • “Silent Star” Hebitsukai Silver, Naga Ray – Taiki Yamazaki
  • “Shinobi Star” Chameleon Green, Hammy – Sakurako Ookuba
  • “Speed Star” Washi Pink, Raptor 283 – M.A.O. (Mao Ichimichi)
  • “Food Master” Kajiki Yellow, Spada – Tetsuji Sakakihara

Oushi Black

Now, from viewing the trailer I find the series interesting, because of its theme and plot. However, I am still not fond of the show due to the suit designs. Be that as it may I do like how Shishi Voyager may homage the Variblune. In addition, I love the multi-tool weapons of the Kyuurangers. Also I think Oushi Black is the real standout of the nine because he literally stands out. Yet, I will still give the series a chance because it cannot be any worse than Shuriken Sentai Ninninger! Therefore, all I can do is wait and hope it is better than I expect it to be.

Source: Ukiyaseed 

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