Review: Pokémon 20th Genesect Plush

Hello Hero Club, this is Brotha Bibo and I am back with the next Pokémon plush review.  Today we will actually be looking at this month’s plush (finally caught up), Genesect.  Genesect is the plush for November and is the final Gamestop exclusive for this  Pokémon collection. Genesect is from the Unova region and is a bug/steel type Pokémon . Genesect resembles a praying mantis like insect who is metallic purple and has a giant flying saucer like cannon on his back. He was an ancient  Pokémon who was revived and modified by Team Plasma. He is in many ways very similar to Mewtwo back from the Kanto region, but is easily more of my favorite. What makes me love him so much is the fact he is our very first official bug type Legendary which bug and steel happen to be some of my all time favorite types. He has the Shock Drive stitched on his cannon and that is what determines the type for his signature attack Techno Blast. He had appeared in his own movie with a bunch of Genesect and even a shiny version in his film. Now next month is the final Toysrus exclusive and also the final plush in the line, Meloetta, which conclude the 20th Anniversary plushes.

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