Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger episode 37 review

There seems to be more toys to sell folks, and this time they knock out two Birds with one cube (Pun totally intended).


It turns out there is another Cube Animal, a Giant one embedded in the side of a seaside cliff. Larri alerts the team to it, and meets them there to catch up (as well as finally meets Misao). The Deathgaliens choose this time to attack with some annoying brother themed MOTW that have exploding jump-ropes… I wish I was kidding about that!


Misao messes up and gets the team blasted, along with Yamato thus injuring his Leg, though still managing to kill one Brother. Cue the trademark Misao funk that requires a teammate to help him out of it, this time it is Yamato.  This does however make Misao really man up and kick some monster butt in the next encounter, destroying another brother, leaving one left.


The recently destroyed Bro gets a continue, while the normal sized one fights the team. Yamato, Leo, and Sela form Zyuoh King to fight the big one, as the others take on the other. Good thing the New Cube animal, Cube Octopus, lends a hand, or should I say all eight?! They even Combine to form Zyuoh King Octopus and clean house.


Though the smaller one survives and almost takes Yamato out, but not before our good old buddy Baird stops it and finally becomes the final Zyuohger, Zyuoh Bird.

My Thoughts:

This was not a bad episode, but Misao’s B.S. gets tiring fast! However maybe this ongoing quirk is to depower his ‘Gary Stu’ like super strength. The new mecha is very interesting; I like Octopus but would have thought it’d give Zyuoh King the ability to fly, or something. Then as for Baird becoming reskin Zyuoh Eagle, it is not too crazy or the fact that he’d use just a repainted changer. I just find it comedic that it is our good old buddy, Kusaka!

Rating: 3 out of 5


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