Review: Pokémon 20th Shaymin Plush

Hello Hero Club, it is Brotha Bibo and today we will be continuing the Pokémon 20th Anniversary plush reviews.  For July 2016 we got Shaymin the grass type legendary Pokemon from the Sinnoh region and he was exclusive to Toysrus. I got mine off of and he is a very nice plush. He looks like a hedgehog or lamb that is a moving bush and has a very cute and innocent voice. This is his Land Form since he can transform into is Sky Form if he was given a Gracidea Flower. So with Shaymin the Sinnoh region is almost done and next month is Arceus another Gamestop exclusive so tune in to that review when he comes out. Forgot to mention he was the main star in Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

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