Ultraman Orb Episode 10 – Juggler Dies!? Review

We are finally up to ten episodes in Ultraman Orb, and right now is probably where things will begin to escalate. Jugglas Juggler better strike soon or it already may be too late! Here’s hoping that he’ll survive, with title like “Juggler Dies!?” …


Jetta, Shin, and Shibukawa leave Naomi and Gai alone for the night try to play match maker, while Don Nostra gives Juggler the incentive to finally defeat Ultraman Orb. Kill Orb and Juggler will finally obtain the Belial card that Nostra owns, as well as gives Juggler his rare Black King card to use in his “final battle”. Juggler soon visits S.S.P. Offices informing Gai that their final battle draws near, before taking his leave to await at the battleground. Naomi confused on the entire situation makes Gai promise that he will return alive from this duel to the death. When morning approaches the two finally battle it out in hand-to-hand combat, before Juggler summons Black King to fight Orb Hurricane Slash.


The battle between Black King and Orb gets intense, so Orb becomes Burnmite to equally combat Black King. During the fight however Nackle appears and kills Juggler to attempt to kill two birds with one stone, but that sets off Orb who is able to defeat Black King with Stobium Dynamite. Gai then returns to S.S.P.’s office, where Naomi eagerly awaited his return. Nackle retreats back to Don Nostra to give him the Demon Beast King cards and plan towards their next move on Earth; however Nackle is struck down by Juggler who survived the attack from before due to using Bemstar’s absorption ability. Juggler then reveals his true form to finally strike down Nostra, bringing an end to the Planetary Invasion Syndicate and adds Belial to his collection.

My Thoughts:

Episode 10 has immediately become the ‘top dog’ for the series thus far; it overall felt like it could have been a pivotal midseason story arc ending, or an episode within the series’ finale due to plot. However it is seemingly more like the end to the introductory arc for the show, and is an opening to a larger overarching act similar to how Kamen Rider Gaim was structured in its first quarter. Now, before I go into that hypothesis as to how the series’ structure may change from here, I should probably talk about why this episode is freaking amazing! First off, there are a few references to Ultraman Jack in the episode due to the pairing between Alien Nackle and Black King, followed by Gai’s use of the Hurricane Slash form to first combat Black King. The second part that found great about the episode, and was probably the true best part of the episode was the actual duel between Gai and Juggler; it was the longest fight between the two thus far and involved their superhuman abilities within the fight. Every time these two square off I am always delighted, and always surprised at how each fight outdoes the previous encounter. The final thing that really impressed me with the episode is that it does a fake out with Juggler’s death; I was slightly cautious that either he’d died and have like a 9 nines lives gimmick since his true formhad not been seen until this episode, and the fact that the character is a part of the main cast. Yet, as for the way Juggler’s true form was reveal, I found it to be quite interesting since Juggler was the one to eliminate the Planetary Invasion Syndicate from the show; but there is the question of where was Alien Metron and if he too was killed alongside the others?

Gai vs Juggler

Now, I would like to return on the idea that for our first ten episodes, they have been merely an introductory arc, opening the next act in the series. From what I gather the show is returning to the core plot of Orb vs. Juggler and the battle to stop all Demon Beast Kings, as well as what will evolve into the series real endgame for the last 15 episodes. We already know from toy scans, Orb’s true form Origin form will appear sometime near episode 15 to 18, maybe, and some fusions may occur with the Demon Beast Kings, which could be the factor in another hint provided by the toy catalogs, that the final beast Maga Orochi has another form. Yet, things look a little messy since it has been confirmed that Orochi will be resurrected for the next few episodes, and defeated by Thunder Breaster, so it unsure if the new form will appear within these episodes or it will be saved for the finale, or is simply a video game/card exclusive. I still cannot tell what is going on, and I am only left to assume things. However, I think that this arc featuring the Orochi and debut of Thunder Breaster is to help guide Orb into regaining his Origin form, as well as explain if Naomi is the reincarnation of the girl Orb failed to save.


Overall, this episode is great while easily being tied to episode 4 and 7; making these three my top 3 episodes in the series thus far especially when it comes down to the rating. I feel that with Maga Orochi being revived within the next set of episodes, there will be constant vibe of greatness emanating off the episodes. What will also be interesting is that Naomi’s mother will finally make her presence known, as she continues to hurt for a husband for her daughter! This can only lead to hilarious scenes with Gai and Juggler, as Naomi’s suitors…

Rating: 5 out of 5

Damn Right, I am 5 out of 5!
Damn Right, I am 5 out of 5!

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