Review: Power Rangers Legacy 6 Inch Power Rangers In Space Figures

Hello Hero Club this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review.  Today we will be looking at the Power Rangers Legacy 6 Inch In Space rangers. Starting with Wave 2 and Wave 3 of the Power Rangers Legacy 6 Inch Figures I personally think Bandai of America had some strange decisions. By splitting the In Space Rangers between two waves it did take quite some time to finally release the main team of the rangers.  Regardless the In Space Rangers are some of the better releases in the Power Rangers 6 Inch Legacy line so far. The overall design of the figures are same as the ones made earlier, which does make sense in a marketing perspective. It is still a shame that the personal sidearms are not included although the Astro Megazord personally makes up for it.  Since it is one of my most favorite Mecha designs I am glad to have a figure that represents it especially since I had to sadly sell my Deluxe version several years back. The Astro Blasters look very nice although they don’t quite look right in the ranger’s hands due to them lacking the trigger fingers.  Overall these are another great batch of figures and I highly recommend picking these up if you are a fan of the season.  I got In Space Yellow and Red at my local Target. I got In Space Pink, Black, and Blue from one of my local Gamestops.

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