Review: Power Rangers Movie 2017 Power Morpher

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review.  Today we will be looking at the 2017 Power Rangers Power Morpher based on the Morpher that will be used in the Lionsgate Power Rangers film.  So far I have to say this is the strangest Morpher I have I ever seen. While it is supposed to look more pseudo realistic I think it turned out kind of odd overall. As stated by many fans it really does look more like a Kamen Rider belt that it does a Morpher. That being said I really like how the Morpher activates and how the light shines through the coin makes it look epic. I also enjoy how the inner part of the Morpher surrounds the coin itself since I personally think it helps the overall look and function of the morpher. However, I do admit that the lever is quite glaring and the fact you need to activate it a couple of times makes it a bit tedious to play with at times. Another problem I see with the lever is that I am afraid it will jam badly if you play with it too much and the LED sequence might also burn out over time. The coins themselves while look nice it is a shame that the actual dinosaurs aren’t that easy to see inside the coin although it does make a spectacle when under good lighting. In conclusion if you are a fan of Power Rangers than I recommend picking this Morpher up. I ordered this Morpher from

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