Review: Star Wars Rebels 3.75 Inch Darth Maul vs Seventh Sister 2 Pack

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and I am back with another today review.  Today we will be looking at a quite disappointing 2 pack release in the Rogue One toyline that includes the Seventh Sister and Darth Maul based on their appearance on Star Wars Rebels.   Sadly unlike the previous multipacks this one is extremely disappointing. Ever since the pack was first seen at one of the toy conventions I was hyped to get a hold of this pack. However, actually having it in hand it really didn’t hold up to my expectations. This is mainly due to the fact both figures suffer from some design flaws. For some reason Hasbro decided to put both figures in a slight dynamic pose which doesn’t affect Darth Maul too much, but it badly affects Seventh Sister. Thanks to her smaller stature and the more rubbery material that makes up most of the figure it causes her to major imbalance issues. What also doesn’t help is that her Lightsaber causes her to stumble more and with the lack of holes at the bottom of her feet there isn’t a good way to stabilize her. Overall while the sculpts look pretty decent the figures themselves aren’t the best so I really only recommend this set for completionists or to fans of the characters. I got this at Target for $14.99.

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