Review: Transformers Generations Titan Returns Legends Class Ravage

Hello Hero Club, this is Darkon633 and today I will be bringing you another toy review.  Today we will be taking a look at Transformers Generations Titan Returns Legends Class Ravage. Stripes might have been an odd choice to be released in the Titan Returns line, however the mold did well to translate into Ravage. Unfortunately because of this Ravage suffers the same short comings that the Stripes mold suffers from but at least he does look like a good update for the character. Similar to Rumble, the toy features a different deco and a brand new head sculpt, which works very well to represent the character. In conclusion Ravage has a pretty great design and while it does have it’s faults, the toy is still a million times better than the gimmicky Fall of Cybertron version that was release years back. I got this from BBTS along with the rest of the Wave 2 Legends.

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