Review: Transformers The Last Knight Autobots Unite Deluxe Class Hot Rod

Hello Hero Club this is Darkon633 and I am back with another toy review. Transformers Last Knight Autobots Unite Deluxe Class Hot Rod is quite the anomaly in the way that he was released. Seeing as the figure was promoted as a Walmart exclusive figure it is strange to see that it not only took a long time to actually be released, but also is also releasing as a standard release as well. As many fans have pointed out the figure seems to be using the Transformers Age of Extinction Lockdown transformation scheme, however in my opinion was utilized much better. The overall proportions look much better than what was seen with Lockdown and for that I personally think he is a much better figure. The only disappointing thing I see with this figure is that he is missing his weapon. In conclusion if you are fan of Hot Rod than I can easily recommend getting this figure.

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