Gunpla Dojo: HGBF 58 Star Burning Gundam Review

With the release of Gundam Build Fighters: GM’s Counterattack, Sunrise produced various kits based on the special. From this product came the missing link between the Star Build Strike and the Build Burning. That being the Star Burning Gundam, Sei Iori’s Gunpla intended for Reiji should he ever return. The kit/suit is built around fusing elements from Seed era Mobile Suits, and G Gundam’s Mobile Suits produced by Neo Japan. One can easily see the references to both the Shining Gundam, and the Burning Gundam through its head and forearms. The rest of the suit is obviously from Sei’s preference in Seed. However, its signature rifle is based around Sei’s own ingenuity, being modeled after both the Enhanced Beam Rifle and Star Beam Rifle. The video below encompasses an in-depth look at this new Gunpla:


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