RJ Cyler Joins Black Lightning Cast

Happy Wednesday heroes, recently we have learned that former Power Rangers actor, RJ Cyler will be joining Black Lightning this season. RJ Cyler will be playing Todd Green, who has been described as followed thanks to Deadline:

The gangly and awkward tech genius who’s passed over for a research grant. He doesn’t take it well, until he gets an offer to join Tobias Whale (Jones).

I find it interesting that he will be playing a similar character to Billy Cranston the Blue Ranger, who is also a tech genius in his own right. The difference being instead of stopping Rita, he will be working for someone who is far worse. I have to say that Tobias Whale this season has been fantastic. He is the one villain I feel that really brings it, so massive props to Marvin “Krondon” Jones III for his portrayal of a character so many people have overlooked.


Source: Deadline

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