RRPG Final Fantasy Retrospective – Episode 10 (Final Fantasy XIII & Fabula Nova Crystallis)

Today, Hero Club is proud to present the next installment of RRPG’s Final Fantasy Retrospective, Episode 10: Final Fantasy XIII & Fabula Nova Crystallis. Now, this episode features a look at how Yoshinori Kitase and his team got in charge of bringing forth the official, thirteenth installment to Square Enix’s flagship franchise. This installment would also be the start of a new compilation project called Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy. However, the project eventually became overly ambitious with the core Final Fantasy XIII game, its pair of sequels, the many other games and novellas that would follow.


Now, as a result the multimedia franchise turned into being the most controversial things to ever be produced by the company. For fans, the outcry was towards whether if the main cast, specifically Lightning were flushed out enough. In addition, others saw the overarching plot of the series becoming convoluted with each installment, and it left people wondering “was necessary for a duology to become a trilogy?” Fabula Nova Crystallis and Final Fantasy XIII easily became a mixed bag between longtime fans, and the general public. Yet, RRPG attempts to dissect the beast that is the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, as well as giving an honorable mention to Final Fantasy Type-0, which featured Hajime Tabata! Fans of the RRPG Final Fantasy Retrospective series, please sit back, relax, grab a soda and some snack, and enjoy!

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