Review: Mini-Pla Kishiryu Gattai Series 02 Kishiryu-Oh Five Knights & DimeVolcano

Today’s review is probably the longest video review that I, Wheelchair21, has ever produced! Now, this review centered on the Mini-Pla based on the current Super Sentai series, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger. For those unaware, the method in which the Ryusoulgers’ mecha, the Kishiryu, combine and how the set is sold leads to a variety of forms. In total the assortment consists of eight parts, but when assembled they make the first six Kishiryu seen. The individual mecha either link together to form combinations, or switch out with another for a total of eight canonical forms; but, in this video I only focus on the seven robot forms. Yet, due to the Kishiryu’s actual design they can be arranged in whatever method the owner chooses. Nevertheless, let’s see how well the Kishiryu Gattai series applies to the Mini-Pla release!

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