RRPG’s Final Fantasy Retrospective – Episode 11 (Final Fantasy XIV)

In this the newest installment of RRPG’s Final Fantasy Retrospective, Square Enix returns to the genre of massive multiplayer online role-playing games to bring the next big game in the Final Fantasy franchise. Being originally conceived by the team who worked on Final Fantasy XI, what was to first arrive for Final Fantasy XIV would continue to attribute to terrible and tragic woes within the Japanese RPG company. However, a young man named Naoki Yoshida would be placed in charge with revitalizing the game into something completely different.


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn would be the renaissance that the Final Fantasy IP desperately needed to revive Hironobu Sakaguchi’s creation into a new and more appropriate direction for the modern times. With a successful relaunch came three expansions, and they continue to build upon the previous one where the saga of Final Fantasy XIV remains; it is an important and strong relic for video games and towards Square Enix’s competitors! Now, why did it start off so bad, but successfully gain a second wind to be a major game in today’s industry? The answer may be a major surprise, so sit back and relax, as I, RRPG present Final Fantasy Retrospective Episode 11!



All the footage in this episode of the retrospective only covers everything from the original Final Fantasy XIV all the way to Version 5.2 during Shadowbringers’ current run. Anything that comes out after that is not covered in this video, so I kindly ask future viewers to refrain from asking me about why I did not cover any future patches and content for this game. I may do a follow-up that covers more of this game in the future, but that is still up in the air. Anyways, I just wanted to clarify that!


Original Heroic Opener Intro create by Epicdreamz
Thanks to The Nostalgic Gamer for the inspiration!


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