RRPG Tier List: Final Fantasy Series (Main Games)

Instead of the usual Two-Cents video or uploading the next episode of Final Fantasy Retrospective, I am doing something different. Now, I have decided to do something impromptu, and produce a tier list on the mainline Final Fantasy games! For this list, it is just going to be my own opinions as to where I place these games on it. I know that my opinions will be different from most viewers, but that is why differences are a good things.


Anyway, viewers please be sure to tell me what games your consider to your rankings in the comments section. Also, be sure to follow Hero-Club on social media using @HeroClub4Life, and follow me, RRPG, too. Below the video should be a list of how people can support me and my friends the Geek Fighters. Nevertheless, take it easy Hero-Club faithful, and I will catch you all later!

Also, here are my social media contacts and information on The Geek Fighters!

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